2019 Show

4th Annual Show and Open Day,
Sunday 1 September 2019

The weather was good, some cloud, some sunshine and a light breeze. Not too hot and not too cold.

Bunting on the marquee
Bunting was a new addition this year to the marquee.
Chutney and Jam
Chutney and Jam category – popular as ever
Beetroot and sweetcorn
Sweetcorn is feeling a bit intimidated by some very ‘muscular’ beetroot
Symphony in blue
A symphony in blue. The show judge with well-earned bouquet flanked by dapper plot-holder
Newbie plot holder with Plot of the Year Winner.
Newbie plot-holder gazes longingly (“next year that will be me”) at the rosette covered chest of the ‘Plot Holder of the Year’ winner. Winner not taking any chances – has hired bodyguard to protect against any snatch and grab attempts on the prizes.
Father and son
Father and son enjoying a proud moment.
Where am I? Crufts? Where is my rosette?
A trio of impressive pumpkins.
Beautiful cakes. Very popular. The whole lot got eaten at the end of the show.
Cut flower category. Very colourful and fragrant.
Potatoes and onions
Potatoes and onions. A good crop of potatoes this year. An entry in the ‘heaviest onion’ class is getting a look-in in top right corner
Plot holders gathering for the show.
Coffee hut
The refreshment shed. Waiting for the show judging to be done so the cakes can be enjoyed with cups of tea and coffee
Tomatoes and carrots
A very impressive selection of tomatoes and carrots.
Courgettes and runnerbeans. Courgettes were very adventurous this year with interesting shapes: round, flat and tubular. Maybe there will be cube and ring doughnut varieties next year.
Three cucumbers keeping a safe distance from each other.
Ugliest vegetable category. A glum looking bean and a very interesting tomato. Tomatoes always do very well in this category.
Squash category
Plotholder of the year 2019
The winner of the Joe Moriarty memorial shield for Plot Holder of the Year flanked by proud parents.


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