Water switched off at mains

The water is now switched off at the mains for the winter period. Temperatures have been below freezing during the night.

The pipes and toilet cisterns have been drained. Please don’t leave any taps open.

It is still possible to use the site toilets. You can flush by filling a bucket from one of the water troughs and empty it into the toilet bowl.

Watering your plot

Ground water levels are low. I got a leaflet from the Affinity Water company yesterday about the rainfall over the winter being too low to fully replenish the groundwater resources.

Here is a quote from the leaflet:

“Hang up your hose: A garden hose uses as much water in an hour as the average family of 4 uses in a day and a half – try to use a watering can instead.”

So, remember to stick to the allotment rules:

  • No sprinklers allowed
  • Hose to be held during watering (not left on ground in the strawberry patch with tap turned on while you get on with a bit of weeding round the peas )
  • Choose the watering can over the hose whenever you can